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A warning of fascism to the American people

Are you as a citizen of The United States of America aware of how similar to 1930s Germany you are? As things are it doesn't take much to completely close down your society.

Your country is already in the gray area, on the verge of becoming a totalitarian police state. You just don't realize it.

A study by Prof Martin Gilens at Princeton University and Prof Benjamin I Page at Northwestern University has shown that your country is an oligarchy not a democracy.

Political scientist Michael J. Glennon at Tufts University says that the people you elect aren't the ones calling the shots. You can vote how much you want the secret government won't change.

There is much more to this but what they are saying is very serious. It should be headline news and talked about in every news outlet in the western world until democracy is fully restored. But it is not. Ask yourself why that is.

You perceive America to be a democracy and beacon of light for freedom. Only on paper and what you think. You have become blind to reality.

I love your country but would not go there under current circumstances. It would be like going to Germany in 1933. And what would I eat? Dangerous GMO seems to be in everything.

Don't you see it? The security state controlled by special interests is all around you. What is the purpose and end goal of all the surveillance?

It doesn't look good. The spying on you as individuals, police that looks like military, taking away your liberties and infringements of your basic constitutional rights, the treatment of whistleblowers and real journalists, and more.

Obama promised that his administration would be the most transparent of all. It has become the complete opposite.

This is a plea to you as citizen of The United States of America to act with the powers you have. For all our sakes.

Please take a second look at some of the biggest things that has happened in the latest 20 years, issues that main stream media do not want you to see and discuss. Rethink world and domestic events.

Challenge your world view. Look outside the box. Don't call people crazy or conspiracy theorists if you don't know what they are talking about. If you know you're right help them see your truth or be prepared to change your view.

Understand that anyone in government or media who doesn't want to help clear layers of doubt has something to hide.

History will tell if you were as passive as Germans were or if you honored the legacy of your ancestors.

Don't be afraid to speak up. It might be your last chance. If you know something, say something.

Pål Bergström