Pål Bergström   2017-05-23 10:26

AntiWar: Syrian Prison Executions – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

Syria has long been a pebble in the shoe for America, unwillingly to get with the program. Recalcitrant, stubbornly independent. Hafez al-Assad, father of current president Bashar al-Assad, founded modern-day Syria as a secular state back in 1970. His biggest mistake (in the U.S. book) was to side with the Soviet Union. Fast forward to 2011 and his son Bashar is in power. The country is in the throes of a CIA-backed insurgency. Islamist extremists of every extraction, not to mention ISIS, with the common goal of replacing al-Assad with an extreme form of Sunni Islam. Everyone armed with American weapons supplied directly by the US or indirectly through Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and others.

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