A project where I examine individual freedom and basic rights in relation to society's current structure and direction.

I am politically independent and act as a democracy activist. My campaign is for my fellow human beings and Sweden's best, especially for my children's future.

Society is like a boat. Most of us are busy with the life inside the boat. I along with other awake people around the world stand on the deck and see that we are heading toward an iceberg realizing that we must change course. Peacefully but firmly.

We need a social structure that can take care of common problems and needs. It's the purpose of a state apparatus. I would like to contribute to this, but the problem with the current government is that it overrides fundamental rights. It is undemocratic.

My role is to point out that Sweden is not a full democracy, which is the fundamental problem, warn of where we are going and that everyone has a personal responsibility to create a world of peace, freedom and well-being.

As a way to take responsibility and put action to my words, I am conducting civil resistance by canceling illegal loans, not paying illegal taxes (when I can influence this), not to declare taxes, etc., as long as we do not have full democracy and my full value is not respected.

My declaration of independence

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