Design Genetics

Design Genetics is a model and method for analyzing and interpreting personality in the design, behavior and cultural expression

Personality is the outer shell of a consciousness (awareness) that consists of a number of polar forces as the source of the physical world; visually, culturally and behaviorally. Life has a meaning in the context of these forces. We live several lives. The goal is to learn overall balance and unconditional love.

The forces are the Binding, Freeing, Static, Moving, Inward, Outward, Slow and Fast force.

The Binding and Freeing force is about linking information and meaning.

Inward and outward is how much you expresses yourself, your meaning and the amount of space you take in a social context.

Static is an intellectual trait linked to the left hemisphere and thought patterns. Moving is related to the right hemisphere, imaginary thinking and ability to see the whole linked to emotions.

The speed is how fast you move in life, a complex pattern of information and meaning.

A car is information about characteristics (transport, speed, size, etc) while a blue Mercedes may be a memory for example of your grandfather who communicate meaning.

Each force is expressed by a given number of visual details and principles that are the same whether we are talking about design or behavior. For example, the linear has same meaning in design as behavior (to be square).

The Binding Force

Unite and connect information in order and patterns.


  • Linear Shape
  • Symmetry
  • Contrast (Clarity)
  • Heavyness (being grounded,solid)
  • Simplicity


rational, organized, clear, direct, simple minded, hard

The Freeing Force

Breaking up order and patterns of information to seek new ones.


  • Organic Shape
  • Asymmetry
  • Obscurity
  • Lightness (like air)
  • Complexity


irrational, free, agile, flexible, messy, vague

The Inward Force

Restraining physical self, personality and information, with inward focus and takes up little space (if you think of personality as a sphere).


  • Small Volume/Shape
  • Restrained Color
  • Dark Color Tone
  • Closed Shape


silent, careful, restrained, accurate, difficult

The Outward Force

Expanding physical self, personality and information, with outward focus and takes up a lot of space (if you think of personality as a sphere).


  • Large Volume/Shape
  • Expressive Color
  • Light Color Tone
  • Open Shape


open, social, careless, non-listening, dominant

The Static Force

"Freezing" information into a comprehensive pattern. The material principle of Universe. (Think oriented people).


  • Coldness
  • Hardness
  • Harsh Composition
  • Low Rhythm


detail-oriented, intellectual, clear, cold, calculating

The Moving Force

Movement of information. The flowing principle of Universe. (Emotional oriented people).


  • Warmth
  • Softness
  • Smooth Composition
  • High Rhythm


holistic, warm, soft, temperamental, inconsistent

The Slow Force

Slow "movement" of information (can take different forms).


accurate, slow, paralyzed

The Fast Force

Fast "movement" of information (can take different forms).


fast moving, fast thinker, effective, careless, sloppy

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